Dagsljus Lappland

Welcome to Dagsljus Lappland

Dagsljus Lappland is a complete equipment rental company for film and TV production. We offer cameras, lighting, dollys, grip, generators, vehicles and crew.

Dagsljus Lappland is located on the border between Sweden and Finland in the twin town of Haparanda / Tornio. The primary market area for Dagsljus Lappland is northern Sweden and Finland. The company is in partnership with Angel Films in Finland and Dagsljus in Sweden.

Whether looking for snowy conditions early or late in the season, midnight sun, wast open spaces, wild nature or other conditions unique for this part of northern Europe, Dagsljus Lappland is there to help you out.

Our site manager at Dagsljus Lappland, native Nisse Järvi, will secure that local knowledge and network is provided to our customers. Nisse understands the importance to get local experienced crew used to the unique conditions to make production run as smooth as possible.

Contact information

Site Manager
Nisse Järvi
Mobile: +46 70 611 26 00
Phone: +358 505 50 60 55
Email: nisse.jarvi@dagsljus.com

Dagsljus Lappland
Företagsvägen 4
953 33 Haparanda

Daylight hours

Luleå Kiruna
Sunrise Sunset Sunrise Sunset
January 9:20am 2:00pm 10:12am 1:25pm
February 7:40am 3:40pm 8:05am 3:41pm
March 7:15am 6:06pm 6:24am 6:13pm
April 4:46am 8:19pm 4:40am 8:41pm
May 3:01am 9:58pm 2:23am 10:55pm
June 1:47am 11:19pm Sun does not set
July 2:34am 11:40pm 2.20am 11.03pm
August 4:14am 8:54pm 4:02am 9:22pm
September 5:56am 6:56pm 6:00am 7:07pm
October 7:05am 4:28pm 7:23am 4:25pm
November 8:13am 2:19pm 8:51am 1:56pm
December 9:40am 1:10pm Sun does not rise

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