Microphones / Lavaliers / PA

Microphones / Lavaliers / PA


Sennheiser MKH-50 140.00 kr 180.00 kr
Sennheiser MKH-60 140.00 kr 200.00 kr
Sennheiser MKH-416 140.00 kr 200.00 kr
Schoeps CMIT 5 u 140.00 kr 200.00 kr
Sennheiser MD-46 (Handheld) 60.00 kr – 
Sennheiser SKM 100 – 835 (Handheld transmitter) 100.00 kr 300.00 kr
Sennheiser ME-66, batt.power 130.00 kr  –
Sennheiser MKE-600, batt.power 130.00 kr  –
DPA 4061 Microdot Mini Microphone (black) 100.00 kr 155.00 kr
DPA 4063 Microdot Mini Microphone (skin tone) 100.00 kr 155.00 kr
DPA 4071 Microdot Mini Microphone (black) 100.00 kr 155.00 kr



Sennheiser 2000 325.00 kr 435.00 kr
WisyCom MCR 42 (RX) / 2 x MTP 30/40 (TX) 700.00 kr 920.00 kr


Lavaliers accessories

Minature Clip 5 kr
Concealer Clip transparent 10 kr
Double sided stickers x10 90 kr
Microdot – 3pin mini lemo – 3pin XLR female 15 kr
Microphone belts (black or white) 10 kr



Sound Devices HX3, Headphone amplifier 100 kr
Fostex PH-50, Headphone amplifier x 5 170 kr
EletroVoice loudspeakers ZX4, 2x400w (including stands) Amplifier 600w, Carver-PM 1,5 including mixer Samson PL 1602, CD AMC MP01
980 kr
DJ CD Mix MP3 Numark 300 kr
DAT Fostex D-30 400 kr

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