Active Head 3-Axis

7,500 SEK / Day

Insurance included
Conditions, see our Rental Terms

Improved stabilization level which allows to achieve a balanced picture even under extremely rough and difficult operating conditions;
High angular velocity on all axes;
Compact Size and Light Weight;
Fast and effective rebalancing and calibration;
Solid and reliable construction;
Quick Assembly;
Axis position indication;
Remote controlled handling of lens Parameters (Focus, Iris, Zoom);
Auto horizon;
Control capability by cable or wireless.

This model fits for all of the common types of Cranes, Remote Controlled Platforms and Helicopter/Aerial Systems.

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Height: 665 mm/26.1 in
Width: 505 mm/ 19.8 in
Depth: 243 mm/ 9.5 in
Power supply: AC 90-264V); 500W(peak)
Power supply: DC (19-72V); 500W(peak)
Pan angular speed (max): 270deg/sec
Tilt angular speed (max): 270deg/sec
Roll angular speed (max): 270deg/sec
Weight: 18 kg/ 39.7 lbs
Maximum usable focal length: 250mm
Payload: 25 kg/ 55 lbs