Active Head Milli 2-Axis

4,000 SEK / Day

Insurance included
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Two-axis gyro-stabilized head Active Head Milli 2 axis equipped with digital lens control system, which improved system functionality.
Despite its small size, panoramic head allows you to work with cameras up to 8 kg (RED Epic, ALEXA Mini, Canon Mark III etc.).
Active Head Milli 2 axis ruggedized construction while remaining lightweight, compact and quite.

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Height max/min: 485 mm (19.09 in)
Width: 240 mm (9.45 in)
Depth: 170 mm (6.7 in)
Power supply: AC 220V~ +/-15% *5А max
Power supply: DC 19-72 VDC@ 1kW peak
Pan angular speed (max): 200 deg/sec
Tilt angular speed (max): 200 deg/sec
Pan angular acceleration: 800 deg/sec²
Tilt angular acceleration: 800 deg/sec²
Weight: 7 kg (16 lb 6 oz)