Arriflex 416 Plus Camera Body

Super 16 Film Camera

Insurance included
Conditions, see our Rental Terms

Internal remote focus receiver (Yellow antenna)


Technical Details

Fps 1-75
– Speed can be varied while camera runs
Ramps possible with Remote Control Unit RCU-1, Wireless Remote Control WRC-1, WRC-2 and Iris Control Unit ICU-1
Shutter Manually adjustable to: 45, 90, 135, 144, 150, 172.8, 180 degrees
Film Format Super 16 mm, conforming to DIN 15602 and ISO-5768-1998
Film Gate Super 16 only (12.35 x 7.5 mm, 0.486 x 0.295 inches)
Lens Mount 54 mm stainless steel PL mount
Sound < 20 db(A) @ 24 fps
Flange Focal Distance 52.00 mm -0.01
Movement Silent precision movement, single pull down claw, single registration pin. Pull down pitch adjustable
Viewfinder Eyepiece Same 8x eyepiece as 235
Eyepiece Extension Same short and medium extensions as 235
Ground Glass 16SR 3 fiber optic screens
ARRIGLOW RGB ARRIGLOW with custom combination of red, green and blue, separate brightness control on camera left side
Weight [1] 5.5 kg/12.1 lbs (ARRIFLEX 416)
5.8 kg/12.8 lbs (ARRIFLEX 416 Plus)
Power Input 24 Vdc nominal, accepts 21 to 35 Vdc
Battery Intelligent 29.6 V Lithium-ion On Board Battery OBB-2, lasts 5 magazines and about 2 hours in standby
80 Watt/hours at 950 g / 2 Lbs with built-in power gauge
(comparison: 16SR 3 battery had 29 Watt/hours at 870 g / 1.9 Lbs)
Accessory Power Outputs 1x 24 V RS connector on 416, or 2x 24 V RS connector on 416 Plus & 416 Plus HS
1x 24 V REMOTE connector
1x 24 V Heated Eyecup connector
2x 12 V MINI MONITOR connectors on IVS
Temperature Range -20°C to +50°C (+4°F to +122°F)
Magazine 416 Shoulder Magazine 120/400 (SHM-3), Timecode module optional
Timecode Continuous barcode on film edge, 80 bit according to SMPTE RP 114 (same as on 16SR 3)
Timecode & Userbits window burn in and VITC on video assist possible