Chimera Daylite Medium (Max 6 kW)

200 SEK / Day

  • Lightbank Body and Support Poles
  • Full Diffusion Front Screen (-1.4 stops)
Product Specifications:
  • Front Screen Size: 36×48 in / 90×120 cm
  • Depth: 40 in / 100 cm
  • Maximum Recommended Wattage: 6,000W Continuous


Chimera Daylite (Standard) is the deeper counterpart to Quartz lightbanks, designed for Speed Ring Diameters from 229mm to 583mm (9″ to 22-7/8″).

The Daylite series of banks is designed to accomodate narrow beam-angle fixtures, most commonly fresnels. They are phyiscally longer in depth than Video Pro or Quartz lightbanks.