MiC LFX Master DMX

450 SEK / Day

Insurance included
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“The Most Powerful Flicker Box”

Create the highest quality of lighting effects.
Drive DMX-512 based LED fixtures, fluoros or tungsten dimmers.

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Proudly we introduce our third generation flicker generator taking advantage of HD effects, 3 channels and presets for the DMX-512 output & input for sophisticated LED fixture set-up – with a huge step forward with firmware 2.0, now shipping. Get the free upgrade.

The LFX Master Series´ high resolution flicker curves ensure realistic looking lighting effects, with a single channel or with three channels for fire with flickering shadows or TV-RGB effects.

Numerous presets retrieved from the device library (e.g. for Kino Flo LED series, Arri LED products) makes it easy to set-up the DMX communication with no hazzle.

Select Kelvin as 2500 – 10000 K values, gels by name and many more fixture parameters instead of entering decimal DMX numbers.

No DMX knowledge required.
Not necessary to read fixture manuals.
Customize every DMX output or input preset due to your demands.

As a result it´s more than easy controlling LED fixtures, fluoros and tungsten dimmer packs – it´s fun!

Create the highest quality of lighting effects of fire, candle, TV, welding, “broken” fluoro & more.