NPF-750 / XL-B2 battery

Sony L series battery

25 SEK / Day

Insurance included
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The XL-B2 is a Sony®7.4 V, 5200 mAh L-Series battery pack,
which may be used with the Sound
Devices 633 mixer or 7-Series audio

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• Charging times will vary. Do not store if fully discharged; ideal charge capacity for storing a lithium ion battery is 40%.
• Store the battery pack in an area which is free of moisture and at temperatures no higher than 30° C (86° F).
• Operating times are shorter in temps lower than room temperature. The XL-B2 may be used between 0° and 40° (32° and 104° F), but will work best between temps of 10° and 30° C (50° and 86° F).
• Replace when performance declines below normal operation at room temps.