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FlyingBergman AB is a Swedish developer and manufacturer of lightweight and robust portable camera cranes to meet various actors’ demands for flexibility, user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness (such as shorter rigging times). The FlyingBergman AR1 crane was announced in autumn 2022 and has already been used in a number of film productions. AR1 is developed to suit various aspects of a film project, including for driving scenes, stock & dolly shots and dolly moves.  

To stabilize the camera crane when driving on uneven surfaces on land or at sea, the AR1 uses a unique proprietary stabilization system called ‘System Action-Reaction’, which is based on Newton’s third law of force and counterforce. This, in combination with a design specialised for the Nordic climate, makes the AR1 reliable and optimal for use in challenging environments. 

Together with Dagsljus, we offer not only the AR1 but as a package also vehicles and TOMs that are trained to operate the crane. The AR1 package can be rented by the day or by week. We also tailor package solutions to optimize our customers’ needs.