Are you in need of lens service, repairs or modifications ?

Perhaps your lens lack the smooth and reliable feeling it once had? Maybe all it needs is a really good clean and relubrication.

Anything from small to large problems.

  • Dust and grit.
  • Failing aperture.
  • Back focus issues.
  • Worn cine-gears or exteriors.
  • Complete restoration of exteriors.
  • Tightening of loose tolerances common with some rehousings.
  • Broken screws.
  • Uneven or loose focusing.
  • De-clicking.
  • Custom gears.
  • Other custom parts.

Martin Rodensjö, who works with us at Dagsljus, can bring your lenses back to life and give you the character and feeling that new cine lenses often lack.
His speciality lays in older cine lenses, both spherical and anamorphics.
For example,: Zeiss Standard, Cooke S2-S3, Lomo Anamorphics, Kowa Prominar or even AGA-Scopes Anamorphics but also modern lenses such as, Cookes S4i, Ultra Primes, Compact Primes and many others.

All faults and lenses are of interest and all are treated with great knowledge and sensitivity.

Feel free to contact Martin Rodensjö directly.

Phone: +46 760-48 19 06

Lens Service

Service can be made in a dust free enviroment and all lenses go thru a collimation test both before and after service.

Custom Parts

Specially designed parts can be made either from customers ideas or thru consultation. Gears, mounts, chassis and other parts are possible.

CAD CAM Design

Custom designs can be made as CAD CAM models with high precision. These can be used to test design ideas as well as create parts in a CNC mill or similar.

Lens Testing

Testing of backfocus, focusing marks or camera mount can be done in a computer controlled focusing collimator.