Sales of used Equipment

Dagsljus occasionally offers used film equipment for sale, welcome to explore.


AJA Ki-Pro recorderQty:1
ARRI CLM-4 motorProduct infoQty:14
ARRI FF-4 follow focus kitProduct infoQty:5
ARRI LMB-4 matteboxProduct infoQty:1
ARRI MB-14 matteboxProduct infoQty:1
ARRI MB-16 matteboxProduct infoQty:5
ARRI MB-18 matteboxProduct infoQty:3
ARRI MB-20 matteboxProduct infoQty:3
ARRI MB-29 matteboxProduct infoQty:3
ARRI UMC-4 motor controller boxProduct infoQty:4
Boxx Meridian video TX-RX kitProduct infoQty:2
Easyrig 3 CineProduct infoQty:3
NexTo Di SxS card safe copyQty:1
Sachtler 150mm baby tripodProduct infoQty:1
Sachtler 150mm short tripodProduct infoQty:1
Sony PMW-EX30 recorderQty:1
Teradek Bolt 300 kitProduct infoQty:2
Teradek Bolt Sidekick 1st genProduct infoQty:2
TV-Logic 056W monitorProduct infoQty:2
TV-Logic 091W monitorProduct infoQty:2
TV-Logic 173W monitorProduct infoQty:1


Arrilite 750 plusProduct infoQty:1


Ambient ClockitAmbient Controller ACC 101Product infoQty:2
Ambient LockitACL 201 mk2Product infoQty:1
Ambient LockitACL 202CTProduct infoQty:3
Ambient LockitACL 203Product infoQty:3
Lectrosonics KitSRC-B1, SMDWBProduct infoQty:1
Lectrosonics KitSRC-B1, SSMProduct infoQty:2
Lectrosonics TransmitterHMA/E01-B1Product infoQty:1
ORCA Mixer/Recorder BagOR34Product infoQty:2
Sonifex Redbox RB-DDA6AProduct infoQty:1
Sound Devices 552Field Sound Mixer/RecorderProduct infoQty:2
Sound Devices 664Field Sound Mixer/RecorderProduct infoQty:2
Sound Devices 744Field Sound RecorderProduct infoQty:1