AMBIENT ACL-203 Lockit

Lockit Timecode Generator (ORANGE)

150 SEK / Day

Insurance included
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The Ambient Lockit ACL 203 is a highly accurate portable timecode and video
sync generator. Audio and video machines such as DAT, harddisc and DVD
recorders and HD and Digibeta cameras can be synchronised to the Lockit box,
thus giving very low drift between machines, allowing multicamera shoots to be
carried out without cables or timecode radio links.
Typically, the drift will be less than one half frame a day, giving problem free
editing and syncing in post production.

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Clockit tunable reference oscillator for timecode generation gives typically
less then one half frame a day timecode drift.
• Hightly accurate DTCXO reference oscillator. Can be calibrated in the field
to 0.2ppm using Clockit Controller ACC101 or ACC501.
• Crystal oscillator for video and trilevelsync locked to reference oscillator
low jitter high stability signals.
• 24, 23.98, 25, 29.97, 30 Frame Timecode locked to PAL, NTSC and HD
formats (SMPTE 296M and SMPTE 274M), Wordclock or AES-3 black audio
in all standard sample rates with pull-up and pull-down.
• Drop frame timecodes can be selected
• Extensive unit monitoring through 2 LEDs
• DC/DC converter for long life. Please refer to 1.4 for battery lifetime and low
battery reference.